Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Bubble Watch

ACC Tourney: What The Bubble Teams Need to Do

By Griffin Hill

The ACC tournament starts today and there are several teams on the bubble looking to boost their portfolio. The season may fall onto the pressure of one game for some teams, but one thing is for sure… The ACC tournament is always exciting to watch.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Notre Dame came into the season with extremely high expectations, and failed to live up to the hype. They understandably blame their troubles on the injury of star big man Bonzie Colson. Colson was projected to compete for 1st team All American honors and boost his stock for next years’ NBA Draft. Read Full Article Here!


Bubble Watch: Week 2

By Oliver Mauntel

This week’s edition of bubble watch features teams that are locks, teams that should be in, and teams that still have work to do in order to ensure a tournament bid. For the teams that should be in, I indicated what each team must do in order to lock up their bid. For the teams that still have work left to do, I indicated what each team must do in order to feel comfortable with their position on Selection Sunday. All other teams that are not named will most likely need to win their conference tournament. With the exception of the Big 10, the majority of the teams listed below have one last regular season game this weekend, in addition to their conference tournament next week. While only ten days remain until Selection Sunday, there is still plenty of time for bubble teams to bolster their NCAA tournament resumes.



Cincinnati (26-4)

Wichita State (24-5)

Houston (23-6) Read Full Article Here!