Mon. May 27th, 2019

Derrick Rose Injuries

The Rise and “Fall” of Derrick Rose

By Dastan Haghnazari

“With the first pick in the 2008 NBA Draft, the Chicago Bulls select Derrick Rose from the University of Memphis.”

Derrick Rose was the youngest player to ever receive the MVP award.  Derrick Rose was also one-of-twenty first round picks to receive the Rookie of the Year award. Rose competed in the playoffs five times during his tenure with the Bulls (two after his injury) and signed a 185-million-dollar shoe deal with Adidas in 2012. However, when Rose returned from injury, he was never the same. He was traded to the Knicks, Cavs, and finally to the Jazz who waived him from their roster earlier this month.  Rose is considered to be washed-up, broken, and unproductive nowadays, which is hard to comprehend, considering he used to be the top point guard in the NBA.  Read Full Article Here!