Mon. Dec 17th, 2018


Jimmy Butler is On the Move; Here are the Five Teams Most Likely to Make him Their Newest Addition

Minnesota Timberwolves guard Jimmy Butler has clearly expressed his complaints with the Timberwolves organization throughout the entire offseason and has recently asked to be traded from the team. Reports have said that Butler did not like the lack of motivation and work ethic of his teammates, especially All-Star center Karl-Anthony Towns. Shortly after Butler made his intentions of being traded known, the Timberwolves signed Towns to a huge 5 year, 190 million dollar extension. A deal with the Miami Heat almost happened last week, but the proposal fell apart after the Timberwolves asked for too many assets in return from the Heat. With the NBA season approaching in less than two weeks, here are five teams that could possibly land the All-Start shooting guard in the midst of his prime: Continue Reading!


3 Biggest Steals of the 2018 NBA Draft

By Oliver Mauntel

Michael Porter Jr. Denver Nuggets (14): If healthy, Porter would have essentially been guaranteed to be a top 5 pick in the draft. Porter’s latest episode of back spasms in the week prior to the draft led to some concerns about his long term health, causing him to slip to the bottom of the lottery. Read Full Article Here!

Why the Celtics will Become the New Kings of the East

By Jack Hamrick

The Boston Celtics achieved done something this year that no one thought was possible: advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals without the help of Kyrie Irving or Gordon Hayward. Talent is still present without these stars, and considering many of their players have 3 years of experience at most, the Celtics could be the first real threat LeBron has faced in almost 10 years. Read Full Article Here!

The Origin and Rise of the “Big Three” in the NBA

By Justin Efebera

In the history of the NBA, there have been a countless amount of great individual players and duos that have revolutionized the game.  However, the dimension of having a “big three”, has now proved most effective and most revolutionary, especially in today’s game. In an NBA today filled with unprecedented talent on all teams, it has become more common for players to move to different teams to form so called “superteams”, a direct result of the “big three” method.  Despite the varying opinions about it, the aspect of the “big three” has forever changed the NBA and its historical landscape. Read Full Article Here!