Sun. Mar 24th, 2019

Orlando Magic

The Drastic Decay of the Orlando Magic (2012-2018)

By Eli Yankelevich

What stands in between players and championship rings is hard work, determination and perseverance. In order for this to come together NBA franchises must string together front offices with a plan and goal in mind. No team in recent history is as good of an example of this than the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors capitalized on the premise of the three point shot in order to reach basketball greatness. Their success pivoted the NBA out of the back to the basket era and into the one of 3’s and advanced analytics. The Warriors have been so successful in their run and gun philosophy it has led teams like the Rockets, Cavaliers, Spurs and Celtics to incorporate horns and three point sets in order to win games by wide margins. Read Full Article Here!