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Tobias to Philly? What to Make of this Sudden Trade

Today’s league is dominated by said “super-teams.” These organizations are comprised of the best players in the world. In order to maintain such talent, it is vital to have a flexible amount of salary. By relinquishing the contract of All-Star snub Tobias Harris to the 76ers, the Clippers achieve two things: two maximum salary spots, and a plethora of young players and draft picks available for high key players through trades. Continue Reading!


How the Eastern Conference is Shaping up Early On

The Eastern Conference has long been known as the weaker of the two conferences in the NBA. It has also been under the rule of LeBron James for the past eight years.  Now that the king has left the East, this will be the most competitive the conference has been in recent memory. Here is how each Eastern Conference team stands heading into week 4 of the NBA season. Continue Reading!