Sun. May 26th, 2019

Tennessee Basketball

South Bracket Predictions

First Round

Virginia vs Gardner Webb

Not happening again.

Prediction: Virginia

Ole Miss vs Oklahoma

Ole Miss has lost five of their last seven and KenPom likes the Sooners more.  I expect a close game with an intriguing guard matchup of Christian James and Breein Tyree.

Oklahoma has a good defense and I don’t think the Rebels will ever get it going offensively.

Prediction: Oklahoma



It’s…Basketball Time In Tennessee?

Tell me the last time you heard a SEC fan talk about the University of Tennessee recently other than to yap about how they have a terrible football team? First off, we’re working on the football thing okay! Second, all Tennessee athletics have been known for in the last 30 years are the Lady Vols basketball team (on an extremely smaller scale) and college football. The 2018-2019 season, however, has proved to be a season where the new era of Tennessee athletics will be taking over. This article is going to catch everyone up to speed on how Tennessee Basketball went from something you only watched in March (if they were good enough that season) to now having a legitimate reason for blasting Rocky Top in the spring. Continue Reading!

College Basketball Power Rankings After a Month: Kansas is the New Number One with Tennessee Right Behind

1. Kansas

Kansas has looked great so far and is in my opinion the best team in the nation right now.  They have beaten Michigan State and Tennessee, two top-10 teams, at neutral sites and have a good win over Marquette.  Lagerald Vick and Dedric Lawson are stars and so is Udoka Azubuike, when he’s on the floor.  Azubuike is playing just about 20 minutes per game right now, sixth on the team, mostly due to foul trouble.  Quentin Grimes and Devon Dotson have looked really good and actually play a fairly similar style.  Kansas is in the top 7 in KenPom adjusted offensive and defensive efficiency and do just about everything well.  Stanford took them to overtime last Saturday but Lagerald Vick carried Kansas to a win and the Jayhawks stayed perfect.  Kansas’ next big game is December 15th against Villanova. Continue Reading!