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Top 10 College Fantasy Quarterbacks

In the fantasy football world, the quarterback position can be very frustrating. You think it is easy to predict how much volume they have, yet every week fantasy owners are let down by their quarterback throwing up a dud game. In the college realm, there are a ton of options you can go with. I try to focus on quarterbacks that have one of two things: either an extremely high volume of pass attempts or a quarterback that will run the ball regularly; and with that, here are my top ten college fantasy quarterbacks.

  1. Cole McDonald, Hawaii

McDonald burst onto the scene last year in the week zero game where he had 514 total yards and five touchdowns. He went on to dominate for the next five week before cooling off and having a few average games. He finished the regular season strong though with 452 yards and three touchdowns against San Diego State. The Warriors have a fast-paced and fun to watch an offense that should pile on the points again this season in the weaker Mountain West Conference.

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