Thu. Apr 18th, 2019

Winnipeg Jets

NHL First Round Playoff Preview: Jets vs. Blues

After years of mediocrity and futility, the Jets finally broke through last year, winning their first two playoff series in franchise history en route to an appearance in the conference finals (they had never even a playoff game in two previous appearances). This year, with much of the same core still intact, they continued their regular season success and once again earned home ice in the first round. This year, however, they will be looking to go farther than the conference finals; their eyes are fixed on the Stanley Cup.

Meanwhile, the Blues have been a consistent playoff team in the 2010s, last season aside. However, despite this regular season success in this stretch. the Blues have consistently struggled in the postseason, only making the conference finals once in this span. In fact, the Blues have only made the conference finals three times since 1970 (1986, 2001, 2016), and have failed to make the Stanley Cup Finals during this entire stretch. This Blues team, after an abysmal start to the season (they occupied the 31st spot in the league standings at the beginning of January), have made an incredible surge late in the year to put themselves back into the playoffs, and now look to finally erase all the misery of years past and win the Cup.

In their first playoff clash, will the Jets send Saint Louis back singing the blues? Or, can the Blues force a ground stop before the Jets can even take off?



The Playoff Chase in the Wild Western Conference: Calgary, San Jose, and Winnipeg Run the Top

As we get closer and closer to April, the race to make the Stanley Cup Playoffs is really starting to heat up, especially in the Western Conference. With many teams in the conference having struggled at certain points during the year, the cut-off line to make the playoffs is much lower than it has normally been. As a result, every team (even the now-last place Ducks) still has a realistic chance to make the playoffs. Let’s take a quick look at the playoff picture as it stands now. Continue Reading!